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boxheadfullBoxHead is one of the commonest and advanced zombie games played online. The game allows the players to adjust to the different modes in order to fight in the packed flash game. The main character in the BoxHead game is Bamboo who comes back with three more characters namely Bon, Bert and Bind. There is the occupation of the screen with the waves of the devils as well as zombies who rushes against the players and one is supposed to keep shooting them. The space bar key is used for shooting with the arrow keys helping the player maneuver the room. The players can select the weapons he want to use in the game using the 0-9 keys. The goal of the player in the BoxHead game is to strategize on the ways of killing the zombies The nightmare mode gives more weapons compared to the beginner intermediate or the expert mode. The zombies are usually generated

at the entry points of the rooms and this means that putting some barrels as well as fake walls will block their access giving the player the time to blow a large number of zombies at once. The devils entry into the picture makes the game trickier since they are able to fight back the players. The players should kill the devils immediately they appear. They should also check on time and keep moving and stay in roomy areas when they are running away from the zombies. The devil is able to blow up stuck barrels in front of the entrances and this will kill the zombies that had been stack at the particular point. The player can use this to kill the zombies when the devils get involved in the game. It is important to check when the blasts are coming from the explosions when killing the attackers bearing in mind that standing too close at the time of the explosion will damage the character within a given blast radius.